Dato' Foong Chee Meng

Chong Siew Mun
Tan Chien Li
Liew Sue Yin
Leong Wai Lun

Datin Lai Yoke Leng
Michelle Tan Wen Mien
Khor Wei Min

Liang Soo Chee
Choo Kang Wei
Shermaine Lim Liew Mae
Chervon Liew Huai Lan
Chiew Wei Chien
Yeap Hsia Sheen
Loh Ee Ling
Tan Shwu Yunn
Chuar Pei Yin

Our team of lawyers come from diverse backgrounds but share the same commitment and dedication to excellence. We are responsive and proactive, and are always practical and focused on eventual commercial outcomes.